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TCPDF2DBarcode Member List

This is the complete list of members for TCPDF2DBarcode, including all inherited members.

__construct($code, $type)TCPDF2DBarcode
getBarcodeHTML($w=10, $h=10, $color=‘black’)TCPDF2DBarcode
getBarcodePNG($w=3, $h=3, $color=array(0, 0, 0))TCPDF2DBarcode
getBarcodePngData($w=3, $h=3, $color=array(0, 0, 0))TCPDF2DBarcode
getBarcodeSVG($w=3, $h=3, $color=‘black’)TCPDF2DBarcode
getBarcodeSVGcode($w=3, $h=3, $color=‘black’)TCPDF2DBarcode
setBarcode($code, $type)TCPDF2DBarcode


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