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Inheritance diagram for TCPDFEX:

Public Member Functions

 construct ($orientation=‘P’, $unit=‘mm’, $format=‘A4’, $unicode=true, $encoding=‘UTF-8’, $diskcache=false, $pdfa=false)
 setTCExamBackLink ($link)
 Header ()
 Footer ()
 printQuestionStats ($stats, $display_mode=2)
 printSVGStatsGraph ($svgdata)
 printTestResultStat ($data, $pubmode=false, $stats=2)
 printTestUserInfo ($data, $onlytext=false)
 printUserTestDetails ($data, $onlytext=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TCPDF
 construct ($orientation=‘P’, $unit=‘mm’, $format=‘A4’, $unicode=true, $encoding=‘UTF-8’, $diskcache=false, $pdfa=false)
 destruct ()
 setPageUnit ($unit)
 setPageOrientation ($orientation, $autopagebreak=“, $bottommargin=”)
 setSpacesRE ($re=‘/[^\S\xa0]/‘)
 setRTL ($enable, $resetx=true)
 getRTL ()
 setTempRTL ($mode)
 isRTLTextDir ()
 setLastH ($h)
 getCellHeight ($fontsize, $padding=TRUE)
 resetLastH ()
 getLastH ()
 setImageScale ($scale)
 getImageScale ()
 getPageDimensions ($pagenum=“)
 getPageWidth ($pagenum=“)
 getPageHeight ($pagenum=“)
 getBreakMargin ($pagenum=“)
 getScaleFactor ()
 SetMargins ($left, $top, $right=-1, $keepmargins=false)
 SetLeftMargin ($margin)
 SetTopMargin ($margin)
 SetRightMargin ($margin)
 SetCellPadding ($pad)
 setCellPaddings ($left=“, $top=”, $right=“, $bottom=”)
 getCellPaddings ()
 setCellMargins ($left=“, $top=”, $right=“, $bottom=”)
 getCellMargins ()
 SetAutoPageBreak ($auto, $margin=0)
 getAutoPageBreak ()
 SetDisplayMode ($zoom, $layout=‘SinglePage’, $mode=‘UseNone’)
 SetCompression ($compress=true)
 setSRGBmode ($mode=false)
 SetDocInfoUnicode ($unicode=true)
 SetTitle ($title)
 SetSubject ($subject)
 SetAuthor ($author)
 SetKeywords ($keywords)
 SetCreator ($creator)
 Error ($msg)
 Open ()
 Close ()
 setPage ($pnum, $resetmargins=false)
 lastPage ($resetmargins=false)
 getPage ()
 getNumPages ()
 addTOCPage ($orientation=“, $format=”, $keepmargins=false)
 endTOCPage ()
 AddPage ($orientation=“, $format=”, $keepmargins=false, $tocpage=false)
 endPage ($tocpage=false)
 startPage ($orientation=“, $format=”, $tocpage=false)
 setPageMark ()
 setHeaderData ($ln=“, $lw=0, $ht=”, $hs=“, $tc=array(0, 0, 0), $lc=array(0, 0, 0))
 setFooterData ($tc=array(0, 0, 0), $lc=array(0, 0, 0))
 getHeaderData ()
 setHeaderMargin ($hm=10)
 getHeaderMargin ()
 setFooterMargin ($fm=10)
 getFooterMargin ()
 setPrintHeader ($val=true)
 setPrintFooter ($val=true)
 getImageRBX ()
 getImageRBY ()
 resetHeaderTemplate ()
 setHeaderTemplateAutoreset ($val=true)
 Header ()
 Footer ()
 PageNo ()
 getAllSpotColors ()
 AddSpotColor ($name, $c, $m, $y, $k)
 setSpotColor ($type, $name, $tint=100)
 SetDrawSpotColor ($name, $tint=100)
 SetFillSpotColor ($name, $tint=100)
 SetTextSpotColor ($name, $tint=100)
 setColorArray ($type, $color, $ret=false)
 SetDrawColorArray ($color, $ret=false)
 SetFillColorArray ($color, $ret=false)
 SetTextColorArray ($color, $ret=false)
 setColor ($type, $col1=0, $col2=-1, $col3=-1, $col4=-1, $ret=false, $name=“)
 SetDrawColor ($col1=0, $col2=-1, $col3=-1, $col4=-1, $ret=false, $name=“)
 SetFillColor ($col1=0, $col2=-1, $col3=-1, $col4=-1, $ret=false, $name=“)
 SetTextColor ($col1=0, $col2=-1, $col3=-1, $col4=-1, $ret=false, $name=“)
 GetStringWidth ($s, $fontname=“, $fontstyle=”, $fontsize=0, $getarray=false)
 GetArrStringWidth ($sa, $fontname=“, $fontstyle=”, $fontsize=0, $getarray=false)
 GetCharWidth ($char, $notlast=true)
 getRawCharWidth ($char)
 GetNumChars ($s)
 AddFont ($family, $style=“, $fontfile=”, $subset=‘default’)
 SetFont ($family, $style=“, $size=null, $fontfile=”, $subset=‘default’, $out=true)
 SetFontSize ($size, $out=true)
 getFontBBox ()
 getAbsFontMeasure ($s)
 getCharBBox ($char)
 getFontDescent ($font, $style=“, $size=0)
 getFontAscent ($font, $style=“, $size=0)
 isCharDefined ($char, $font=“, $style=”)
 replaceMissingChars ($text, $font=“, $style=”, $subs=array())
 SetDefaultMonospacedFont ($font)
 AddLink ()
 SetLink ($link, $y=0, $page=-1)
 Link ($x, $y, $w, $h, $link, $spaces=0)
 Annotation ($x, $y, $w, $h, $text, $opt=array(‘Subtype’=>‘Text’), $spaces=0)
 Text ($x, $y, $txt, $fstroke=false, $fclip=false, $ffill=true, $border=0, $ln=0, $align=“, $fill=false, $link=”, $stretch=0, $ignore_min_height=false, $calign=’T’, $valign=’M’, $rtloff=false)
 AcceptPageBreak ()
 Cell ($w, $h=0, $txt=“, $border=0, $ln=0, $align=”, $fill=false, $link=“, $stretch=0, $ignore_min_height=false, $calign=’T’, $valign=’M’)
 MultiCell ($w, $h, $txt, $border=0, $align=‘J’, $fill=false, $ln=1, $x=“, $y=”, $reseth=true, $stretch=0, $ishtml=false, $autopadding=true, $maxh=0, $valign=’T’, $fitcell=false)
 getNumLines ($txt, $w=0, $reseth=false, $autopadding=true, $cellpadding=“, $border=0)
 getStringHeight ($w, $txt, $reseth=false, $autopadding=true, $cellpadding=“, $border=0)
 Write ($h, $txt, $link=“, $fill=false, $align=”, $ln=false, $stretch=0, $firstline=false, $firstblock=false, $maxh=0, $wadj=0, $margin=“)
 Image ($file, $x=“, $y=”, $w=0, $h=0, $type=“, $link=”, $align=“, $resize=false, $dpi=300, $palign=”, $ismask=false, $imgmask=false, $border=0, $fitbox=false, $hidden=false, $fitonpage=false, $alt=false, $altimgs=array())
 Ln ($h=“, $cell=false)
 GetX ()
 GetAbsX ()
 GetY ()
 SetX ($x, $rtloff=false)
 SetY ($y, $resetx=true, $rtloff=false)
 SetXY ($x, $y, $rtloff=false)
 SetAbsX ($x)
 SetAbsY ($y)
 SetAbsXY ($x, $y)
 Output ($name=‘doc.pdf’, $dest=‘I’)
 _destroy ($destroyall=false, $preserve_objcopy=false)
 setExtraXMP ($xmp)
 setDocCreationTimestamp ($time)
 setDocModificationTimestamp ($time)
 getDocCreationTimestamp ()
 getDocModificationTimestamp ()
 setHeaderFont ($font)
 getHeaderFont ()
 setFooterFont ($font)
 getFooterFont ()
 setLanguageArray ($language)
 getPDFData ()
 addHtmlLink ($url, $name, $fill=false, $firstline=false, $color=“, $style=-1, $firstblock=false)
 pixelsToUnits ($px)
 unhtmlentities ($text_to_convert)
 SetProtection ($permissions=array(‘print’, ‘modify’, ‘copy’, ‘annot-forms’, ‘fill-forms’, ‘extract’, ‘assemble’, ‘print-high’), $user_pass=“, $owner_pass=null, $mode=0, $pubkeys=null)
 StartTransform ()
 StopTransform ()
 ScaleX ($s_x, $x=“, $y=”)
 ScaleY ($s_y, $x=“, $y=”)
 ScaleXY ($s, $x=“, $y=”)
 Scale ($s_x, $s_y, $x=“, $y=”)
 MirrorH ($x=“)
 MirrorV ($y=“)
 MirrorP ($x=“, $y=”)
 MirrorL ($angle=0, $x=“, $y=”)
 TranslateX ($t_x)
 TranslateY ($t_y)
 Translate ($t_x, $t_y)
 Rotate ($angle, $x=“, $y=”)
 SkewX ($angle_x, $x=“, $y=”)
 SkewY ($angle_y, $x=“, $y=”)
 Skew ($angle_x, $angle_y, $x=“, $y=”)
 SetLineWidth ($width)
 GetLineWidth ()
 SetLineStyle ($style, $ret=false)
 Line ($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $style=array())
 Rect ($x, $y, $w, $h, $style=“, $border_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 Curve ($x0, $y0, $x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $x3, $y3, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 Polycurve ($x0, $y0, $segments, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 Ellipse ($x0, $y0, $rx, $ry=“, $angle=0, $astart=0, $afinish=360, $style=”, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array(), $nc=2)
 Circle ($x0, $y0, $r, $angstr=0, $angend=360, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array(), $nc=2)
 PolyLine ($p, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 Polygon ($p, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array(), $closed=true)
 RegularPolygon ($x0, $y0, $r, $ns, $angle=0, $draw_circle=false, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array(), $circle_style=“, $circle_outLine_style=array(), $circle_fill_color=array())
 StarPolygon ($x0, $y0, $r, $nv, $ng, $angle=0, $draw_circle=false, $style=“, $line_style=array(), $fill_color=array(), $circle_style=“, $circle_outLine_style=array(), $circle_fill_color=array())
 RoundedRect ($x, $y, $w, $h, $r, $round_corner=‘1111’, $style=“, $border_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 RoundedRectXY ($x, $y, $w, $h, $rx, $ry, $round_corner=‘1111’, $style=“, $border_style=array(), $fill_color=array())
 Arrow ($x0, $y0, $x1, $y1, $head_style=0, $arm_size=5, $arm_angle=15)
 setDestination ($name, $y=-1, $page=“, $x=-1)
 getDestination ()
 setBookmark ($txt, $level=0, $y=-1, $page=“, $style=”, $color=array(0, 0, 0), $x=-1, $link=“)
 Bookmark ($txt, $level=0, $y=-1, $page=“, $style=”, $color=array(0, 0, 0), $x=-1, $link=“)
 IncludeJS ($script)
 addJavascriptObject ($script, $onload=false)
 setFormDefaultProp ($prop=array())
 getFormDefaultProp ()
 TextField ($name, $w, $h, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 RadioButton ($name, $w, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $onvalue=‘On’, $checked=false, $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 ListBox ($name, $w, $h, $values, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 ComboBox ($name, $w, $h, $values, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 CheckBox ($name, $w, $checked=false, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $onvalue=‘Yes’, $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 Button ($name, $w, $h, $caption, $action, $prop=array(), $opt=array(), $x=“, $y=”, $js=false)
 setUserRights ($enable=true, $document=‘/FullSave’, $annots=‘/Create/Delete/Modify/Copy/Import/Export’, $form=‘/Add/Delete/FillIn/Import/Export/SubmitStandalone/SpawnTemplate’, $signature=‘/Modify’, $ef=‘/Create/Delete/Modify/Import’, $formex=“)
 setSignature ($signing_cert=“, $private_key=“, $private_key_password=“, $extracerts=”, $cert_type=2, $info=array(), $approval=“)
 setSignatureAppearance ($x=0, $y=0, $w=0, $h=0, $page=-1, $name=“)
 addEmptySignatureAppearance ($x=0, $y=0, $w=0, $h=0, $page=-1, $name=“)
 setTimeStamp ($tsa_host=“, $tsa_username=“, $tsa_password=“, $tsa_cert=“)
 startPageGroup ($page=“)
 setStartingPageNumber ($num=1)
 getAliasRightShift ()
 getAliasNbPages ()
 getAliasNumPage ()
 getPageGroupAlias ()
 getPageNumGroupAlias ()
 getGroupPageNo ()
 getGroupPageNoFormatted ()
 PageNoFormatted ()
 startLayer ($name=“, $print=true, $view=true, $lock=true)
 endLayer ()
 setVisibility ($v)
 setOverprint ($stroking=true, $nonstroking=“, $mode=0)
 getOverprint ()
 setAlpha ($stroking=1, $bm=‘Normal’, $nonstroking=“, $ais=false)
 getAlpha ()
 setJPEGQuality ($quality)
 setDefaultTableColumns ($cols=4)
 setCellHeightRatio ($h)
 getCellHeightRatio ()
 setPDFVersion ($version=‘1.7’)
 setViewerPreferences ($preferences)
 colorRegistrationBar ($x, $y, $w, $h, $transition=true, $vertical=false, $colors=‘A, R, G, B, C, M, Y, K’)
 cropMark ($x, $y, $w, $h, $type=’T, R, B, L’, $color=array(100, 100, 100, 100,‘All’))
 registrationMark ($x, $y, $r, $double=false, $cola=array(100, 100, 100, 100,‘All’), $colb=array(0, 0, 0, 0,‘None’))
 registrationMarkCMYK ($x, $y, $r)
 LinearGradient ($x, $y, $w, $h, $col1=array(), $col2=array(), $coords=array(0, 0, 1, 0))
 RadialGradient ($x, $y, $w, $h, $col1=array(), $col2=array(), $coords=array(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1))
 CoonsPatchMesh ($x, $y, $w, $h, $col1=array(), $col2=array(), $col3=array(), $col4=array(), $coords=array(0.00, 0.0, 0.33, 0.00, 0.67, 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, 1.00, 0.33, 1.00, 0.67, 1.00, 1.00, 0.67, 1.00, 0.33, 1.00, 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, 0.67, 0.00, 0.33), $coords_min=0, $coords_max=1, $antialias=false)
 Gradient ($type, $coords, $stops, $background=array(), $antialias=false)
 PieSector ($xc, $yc, $r, $a, $b, $style=‘FD’, $cw=true, $o=90)
 PieSectorXY ($xc, $yc, $rx, $ry, $a, $b, $style=‘FD’, $cw=false, $o=0, $nc=2)
 ImageEps ($file, $x=“, $y=”, $w=0, $h=0, $link=“, $useBoundingBox=true, $align=”, $palign=“, $border=0, $fitonpage=false, $fixoutvals=false)
 setBarcode ($bc=“)
 getBarcode ()
 write1DBarcode ($code, $type, $x=“, $y=”, $w=“, $h=”, $xres=“, $style=”, $align=“)
 write2DBarcode ($code, $type, $x=“, $y=”, $w=“, $h=”, $style=“, $align=”, $distort=false)
 getMargins ()
 getOriginalMargins ()
 getFontSize ()
 getFontSizePt ()
 getFontFamily ()
 getFontStyle ()
 fixHTMLCode ($html, $default_css=“, $tagvs=”, $tidy_options=“)
 getCSSPadding ($csspadding, $width=0)
 getCSSMargin ($cssmargin, $width=0)
 getCSSBorderMargin ($cssbspace, $width=0)
 getHTMLFontUnits ($val, $refsize=12, $parent_size=12, $defaultunit=‘pt’)
 serializeTCPDFtagParameters ($data)
 writeHTMLCell ($w, $h, $x, $y, $html=“, $border=0, $ln=0, $fill=false, $reseth=true, $align=”, $autopadding=true)
 writeHTML ($html, $ln=true, $fill=false, $reseth=false, $cell=false, $align=“)
 setLIsymbol ($symbol=‘!’)
 SetBooklet ($booklet=true, $inner=-1, $outer=-1)
 setHtmlVSpace ($tagvs)
 setListIndentWidth ($width)
 setOpenCell ($isopen)
 setHtmlLinksStyle ($color=array(0, 0, 255), $fontstyle=‘U’)
 getHTMLUnitToUnits ($htmlval, $refsize=1, $defaultunit=‘px’, $points=false)
 movePage ($frompage, $topage)
 deletePage ($page)
 copyPage ($page=0)
 addTOC ($page=“, $numbersfont=”, $filler=‘.’, $toc_name=‘TOC’, $style=“, $color=array(0, 0, 0))
 addHTMLTOC ($page=“, $toc_name=‘TOC’, $templates=array(), $correct_align=true, $style=“, $color=array(0, 0, 0))
 startTransaction ()
 commitTransaction ()
 rollbackTransaction ($self=false)
 setEqualColumns ($numcols=0, $width=0, $y=“)
 resetColumns ()
 setColumnsArray ($columns)
 selectColumn ($col=“)
 getColumn ()
 getNumberOfColumns ()
 setTextRenderingMode ($stroke=0, $fill=true, $clip=false)
 setTextShadow ($params=array(‘enabled’=>false, ‘depth_w’=>0, ‘depth_h’=>0, ‘color’=>false, ‘opacity’=>1, ‘blend_mode’=>‘Normal’))
 getTextShadow ()
 hyphenateText ($text, $patterns, $dictionary=array(), $leftmin=1, $rightmin=2, $charmin=1, $charmax=8)
 setRasterizeVectorImages ($mode)
 setFontSubsetting ($enable=true)
 getFontSubsetting ()
 stringLeftTrim ($str, $replace=“)
 stringRightTrim ($str, $replace=“)
 stringTrim ($str, $replace=“)
 isUnicodeFont ()
 getFontFamilyName ($fontfamily)
 startTemplate ($w=0, $h=0, $group=false)
 endTemplate ()
 printTemplate ($id, $x=“, $y=”, $w=0, $h=0, $align=“, $palign=”, $fitonpage=false)
 setFontStretching ($perc=100)
 getFontStretching ()
 setFontSpacing ($spacing=0)
 getFontSpacing ()
 getPageRegions ()
 setPageRegions ($regions=array())
 addPageRegion ($region)
 removePageRegion ($key)
 ImageSVG ($file, $x=“, $y=”, $w=0, $h=0, $link=“, $align=”, $palign=“, $border=0, $fitonpage=false)

Protected Attributes

 $tcexam_backlink = “
- Protected Attributes inherited from TCPDF
 $offsets = array()
 $pageobjects = array()
 $pages = array()
 $pagedim = array()
 $cell_padding = array(’T’ => 0, ‘R’ => 0, ‘B’ => 0, ‘L’ => 0)
 $cell_margin = array(’T’ => 0, ‘R’ => 0, ‘B’ => 0, ‘L’ => 0)
 $fonts = array()
 $FontFiles = array()
 $diffs = array()
 $images = array()
 $svg_tag_depth = 0
 $PageAnnots = array()
 $links = array()
 $InHeader = false
 $InFooter = false
 $docinfounicode = true
 $title = “
 $subject = “
 $author = “
 $keywords = “
 $creator = “
 $starting_page_number = 1
 $imgscale = 1
 $isunicode = false
 $PDFVersion = ‘1.7’
 $header_xobjid = false
 $header_xobj_autoreset = false
 $barcode = false
 $print_header = true
 $print_footer = true
 $header_logo = “
 $header_logo_width = 30
 $header_title = “
 $header_string = “
 $header_text_color = array(0,0,0)
 $header_line_color = array(0,0,0)
 $footer_text_color = array(0,0,0)
 $footer_line_color = array(0,0,0)
 $txtshadow = array(‘enabled’=>false, ‘depth_w’=>0, ‘depth_h’=>0, ‘color’=>false, ‘opacity’=>1, ‘blend_mode’=>‘Normal’)
 $default_table_columns = 4
 $HREF = array()
 $fontlist = array()
 $listordered = array()
 $listcount = array()
 $listnum = 0
 $listindent = 0
 $listindentlevel = 0
 $tempfontsize = 10
 $lispacer = “
 $encoding = ‘UTF-8’
 $rtl = false
 $tmprtl = false
 $encryptdata = array()
 $outlines = array()
 $javascript = “
 $ur = array()
 $dpi = 72
 $newpagegroup = array()
 $pagegroups = array()
 $currpagegroup = 0
 $cell_height_ratio = <a class=“el” href=“/docs/source_docs/default_2tcepdf_8php#aa677efad07ef009287d0490aa2eb21a2”>K_CELL_HEIGHT_RATIO
 $gradients = array()
 $intmrk = array()
 $bordermrk = array()
 $emptypagemrk = array()
 $cntmrk = array()
 $footerpos = array()
 $footerlen = array()
 $newline = true
 $endlinex = 0
 $linestyleWidth = “
 $linestyleCap = ‘0 J’
 $linestyleJoin = ‘0 j’
 $linestyleDash = ‘[] 0 d’
 $openMarkedContent = false
 $htmlvspace = 0
 $spot_colors = array()
 $lisymbol = “
 $epsmarker = ‘x#!#EPS#!#x’
 $transfmatrix = array()
 $transfmatrix_key = 0
 $booklet = false
 $feps = 0.005
 $tagvspaces = array()
 $customlistindent = -1
 $opencell = true
 $embeddedfiles = array()
 $premode = false
 $transfmrk = array()
 $htmlLinkColorArray = array(0, 0, 255)
 $htmlLinkFontStyle = ‘U’
 $numpages = 0
 $pagelen = array()
 $numimages = 0
 $imagekeys = array()
 $bufferlen = 0
 $numfonts = 0
 $fontkeys = array()
 $font_obj_ids = array()
 $pageopen = array()
 $default_monospaced_font = ‘courier’
 $cache_file_length = array()
 $thead = “
 $theadMargins = array()
 $sign = false
 $signature_data = array()
 $signature_max_length = 11742
 $signature_appearance = array(‘page’ => 1, ‘rect’ => ‘0 0 0 0’)
 $empty_signature_appearance = array()
 $tsa_timestamp = false
 $tsa_data = array()
 $re_spaces = ‘/[^\S\xa0]/’
 $re_space = array(‘p’ => ‘[^\S\xa0]‘, ’m’ => “)
 $sig_obj_id = 0
 $page_obj_id = array()
 $form_obj_id = array()
 $default_form_prop = array(‘lineWidth’=>1, ‘borderStyle’=>‘solid’, ‘fillColor’=>array(255, 255, 255), ‘strokeColor’=>array(128, 128, 128))
 $js_objects = array()
 $form_action = “
 $form_enctype = ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’
 $form_mode = ‘post’
 $annotation_fonts = array()
 $radiobutton_groups = array()
 $radio_groups = array()
 $textindent = 0
 $start_transaction_page = 0
 $start_transaction_y = 0
 $inthead = false
 $columns = array()
 $num_columns = 1
 $current_column = 0
 $column_start_page = 0
 $maxselcol = array(‘page’ => 0, ‘column’ => 0)
 $colxshift = array(‘x’ => 0, ’s’ => array(‘H’ => 0, ‘V’ => 0), ‘p’ => array(‘L’ => 0, ’T’ => 0, ‘R’ => 0, ‘B’ => 0))
 $textrendermode = 0
 $textstrokewidth = 0
 $pdfunit = ‘mm’
 $tocpage = false
 $rasterize_vector_images = false
 $font_subsetting = true
 $default_graphic_vars = array()
 $xobjects = array()
 $inxobj = false
 $xobjid = “
 $font_stretching = 100
 $font_spacing = 0
 $page_regions = array()
 $check_page_regions = true
 $pdflayers = array()
 $dests = array()
 $efnames = array()
 $svgdir = “
 $svgunit = ‘px’
 $svggradients = array()
 $svggradientid = 0
 $svgdefsmode = false
 $svgdefs = array()
 $svgclipmode = false
 $svgclippaths = array()
 $svgcliptm = array()
 $svgclipid = 0
 $svgtext = “
 $svgtextmode = array()
 $force_srgb = false
 $pdfa_mode = false
 $custom_xmp = “
 $overprint = array(‘OP’ => false, ‘op’ => false, ‘OPM’ => 0)
 $alpha = array(‘CA’ => 1, ‘ca’ => 1, ‘BM’ => ‘/Normal’, ‘AIS’ => false)
 $page_boxes = array(‘MediaBox’, ‘CropBox’, ‘BleedBox’, ‘TrimBox’, ‘ArtBox’)
 $tcpdflink = true
 $gdgammacache = array()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TCPDF
 setPageFormat ($format, $orientation=‘P’)
 adjustCellPadding ($brd=0)
 setContentMark ($page=0)
 setHeader ()
 setFooter ()
 inPageBody ()
 setTableHeader ()
 getFontsList ()
 _putEmbeddedFiles ()
 checkPageBreak ($h=0, $y=“, $addpage=true)
 getCellCode ($w, $h=0, $txt=“, $border=0, $ln=0, $align=”, $fill=false, $link=“, $stretch=0, $ignore_min_height=false, $calign=’T’, $valign=’M’)
 replaceChar ($oldchar, $newchar)
 getCellBorder ($x, $y, $w, $h, $brd)
 getRemainingWidth ()
 fitBlock ($w, $h, $x, $y, $fitonpage=false)
 ImagePngAlpha ($file, $x, $y, $wpx, $hpx, $w, $h, $type, $link, $align, $resize, $dpi, $palign, $filehash=“)
 getGDgamma ($img, $c)
 _dochecks ()
 getInternalPageNumberAliases ($a= “)
 getAllInternalPageNumberAliases ()
 replaceRightShiftPageNumAliases ($page, $aliases, $diff)
 setPageBoxTypes ($boxes)
 _putpages ()
 _getannotsrefs ($n)
 _putannotsobjs ()
 _putAPXObject ($w=0, $h=0, $stream=“)
 _putfonts ()
 _puttruetypeunicode ($font)
 _putcidfont0 ($font)
 _putimages ()
 _putxobjects ()
 _putspotcolors ()
 _getxobjectdict ()
 _putresourcedict ()
 _putresources ()
 _putinfo ()
 _putXMP ()
 _putcatalog ()
 _putviewerpreferences ()
 _putheader ()
 _enddoc ()
 _beginpage ($orientation=“, $format=”)
 _endpage ()
 _newobj ()
 _getobj ($objid=“)
 _dounderline ($x, $y, $txt)
 _dounderlinew ($x, $y, $w)
 _dolinethrough ($x, $y, $txt)
 _dolinethroughw ($x, $y, $w)
 _dooverline ($x, $y, $txt)
 _dooverlinew ($x, $y, $w)
 _datastring ($s, $n=0)
 _datestring ($n=0, $timestamp=0)
 _textstring ($s, $n=0)
 _getrawstream ($s, $n=0)
 _out ($s)
 _objectkey ($n)
 _encrypt_data ($n, $s)
 _putencryption ()
 _Uvalue ()
 _UEvalue ()
 _Ovalue ()
 _OEvalue ()
 _fixAES256Password ($password)
 _generateencryptionkey ()
 Transform ($tm)
 _outPoint ($x, $y)
 _outLine ($x, $y)
 _outRect ($x, $y, $w, $h, $op)
 _outCurve ($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $x3, $y3)
 _outCurveV ($x2, $y2, $x3, $y3)
 _outCurveY ($x1, $y1, $x3, $y3)
 _outellipticalarc ($xc, $yc, $rx, $ry, $xang=0, $angs=0, $angf=360, $pie=false, $nc=2, $startpoint=true, $ccw=true, $svg=false)
 _putdests ()
 sortBookmarks ()
 _putbookmarks ()
 _putjavascript ()
 _addfield ($type, $name, $x, $y, $w, $h, $prop)
 _putsignature ()
 getSignatureAppearanceArray ($x=0, $y=0, $w=0, $h=0, $page=-1, $name=“)
 applyTSA ($signature)
 _putocg ()
 addExtGState ($parms)
 setExtGState ($gs)
 _putextgstates ()
 Clip ($x, $y, $w, $h)
 _putshaders ()
 getCSSBorderWidth ($width)
 getCSSBorderDashStyle ($style)
 getCSSBorderStyle ($cssborder)
 getCSSFontSpacing ($spacing, $parent=0)
 getCSSFontStretching ($stretch, $parent=100)
 getHtmlDomArray ($html)
 getSpaceString ()
 getHashForTCPDFtagParams ($data)
 unserializeTCPDFtagParameters ($data)
 openHTMLTagHandler ($dom, $key, $cell)
 closeHTMLTagHandler ($dom, $key, $cell, $maxbottomliney=0)
 addHTMLVertSpace ($hbz=0, $hb=0, $cell=false, $firsttag=false, $lasttag=false)
 getBorderStartPosition ()
 drawHTMLTagBorder ($tag, $xmax)
 swapMargins ($reverse=true)
 putHtmlListBullet ($listdepth, $listtype=“, $size=10)
 getGraphicVars ()
 setGraphicVars ($gvars, $extended=false)
 _outSaveGraphicsState ()
 _outRestoreGraphicsState ()
 setBuffer ($data)
 replaceBuffer ($data)
 getBuffer ()
 setPageBuffer ($page, $data, $append=false)
 getPageBuffer ($page)
 setImageBuffer ($image, $data)
 setImageSubBuffer ($image, $key, $data)
 getImageBuffer ($image)
 setFontBuffer ($font, $data)
 setFontSubBuffer ($font, $key, $data)
 getFontBuffer ($font)
 hyphenateWord ($word, $patterns, $dictionary=array(), $leftmin=1, $rightmin=2, $charmin=1, $charmax=8)
 checkPageRegions ($h, $x, $y)
 convertSVGtMatrix ($tm)
 SVGTransform ($tm)
 setSVGStyles ($svgstyle, $prevsvgstyle, $x=0, $y=0, $w=1, $h=1, $clip_function=“, $clip_params=array())
 SVGPath ($d, $style=“)
 removeTagNamespace ($name)
 startSVGElementHandler ($parser, $name, $attribs, $ctm=array())
 endSVGElementHandler ($parser, $name)
 segSVGContentHandler ($parser, $data)

Detailed Description

This is an extension of the TCPDF class for creating PDF document. This extension allows you to define custom Header and Footer for PDF documents.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCPDFEX::__construct (   $orientation = ‘P’,
  $unit = ‘mm’,
  $format = ‘A4’,
  $unicode = true,
  $encoding = ‘UTF-8’,
  $diskcache = false,
  $pdfa = false 

This is the class constructor. It allows to set up the page format, the orientation and the measure unit used in all the methods (except for the font sizes).

$orientation(string) page orientation. Possible values are (case insensitive):
  • P or Portrait (default)
  • L or Landscape
  • “ (empty string) for automatic orientation
$unit(string) User measure unit. Possible values are:
  • pt: point
  • mm: millimeter (default)
  • cm: centimeter
  • in: inch

A point equals 172 of inch, that is to say about 0.35 mm (an inch being 2.54 cm). This is a very common unit in typography; font sizes are expressed in that unit.
$format(mixed) The format used for pages. It can be either: one of the string values specified at getPageSizeFromFormat() or an array of parameters specified at setPageFormat().
$unicode(boolean) TRUE means that the input text is unicode (default = true)
$encoding(string) Charset encoding; default is UTF-8.
$diskcache(boolean) If TRUE reduce the RAM memory usage by caching temporary data on filesystem (slower).
$pdfa(boolean) If TRUE set the document to PDF/A mode.
See also
getPageSizeFromFormat(), setPageFormat()

Member Function Documentation

TCPDFEX::Footer ( )

This method is used to render the page footer and overrides the original Footer() method on TCPDF.

TCPDFEX::Header ( )

This method is used to render the page header and overrides the original Header() method on TCPDF.

TCPDFEX::printQuestionStats (   $stats,
  $display_mode = 2 

Print question stats.

$stats(array) data to print
$display_mode(int) display mode: 0 = disabled; 1 = minimum; 2 = module; 3 = subject; 4 = question; 5 = answer.

TCPDFEX::printSVGStatsGraph (   $svgdata)

Print SVG graph

$svgdata(string) String containing SVG data to print.

TCPDFEX::printTestResultStat (   $data,
  $pubmode = false,
  $stats = 2 

Print test stats table

$data(array) Array containing test statistics.
$pubmode(boolean) If true filter the results for the public interface.
$stats(int) 2 = full stats; 1 = user stats; 0 = disabled stats;

TCPDFEX::printTestUserInfo (   $data,
  $onlytext = false 

Print testuser data

$data(array) Array containing test statistics.
$onlytext(boolean) If true print only text questions.

TCPDFEX::printUserTestDetails (   $data,
  $onlytext = false 

print test details for the selected user

$data(array) Testuser data array.
$onlytext(boolean) If true print only text questions.

TCPDFEX::setTCExamBackLink (   $link)

Set an URL link that points back to TCExam website (this will be printed as QR-Code on header).

$linkURL link.

Member Data Documentation





TCPDFEX::$tcexam_backlink = “

URL link that points back to TCExam website.

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