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tce_cas.php File Reference


 TCExam Main Configuration.


const K_CAS_ENABLED false
const K_CAS_VERSION ‘2.0’
const K_CAS_HOST
const K_CAS_PORT 443
const K_CAS_PATH ‘/cas’

Detailed Description

Configuration file for CAS (Central Authentication Service) CAS is a centralize authentication service for the web where the user does not need to give their login credentials (password) to the target website. It was developed at Yale and is now maintained by the Java Architectures Special Interest Group and was sometimes referred to as “Yale CAS” but now known as “JA-SIG CAS”. For more information see: WARNING: TCExam trusts CAS mechanism and replicates any authenticated user into the TCExam database. Passwords are set to the username string, therefore, TCExam authentication is not secure for replicated users if CAS Authentication is turned off again.

Variable Documentation

const K_CAS_ENABLED false

If true enable CAS

const K_CAS_HOST “

CAS server hostname.

const K_CAS_PATH ‘/cas’

The location on the webserver where the CAS application is hosted. Some setups don’t place the CAS application in the webserver’s root directory and we can specify where to find the CAS application. Default is “.

const K_CAS_PORT 443

The port to connect to. Defaults to 443


Default user group ID This is the TCExam group ID to which the CAS accounts belongs. You can also set 0 for all available groups or a string containing a comma-separated list of group IDs.


Default user level

const K_CAS_VERSION ‘2.0’

Version of CAS protocol to use. Defaults to CAS_VERSION_2_0


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