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Class CAS_AuthenticationException

This interface defines methods that allow proxy-authenticated service handlers to interact with phpCAS.

Proxy service handlers must implement this interface as well as call phpCAS::initializeProxiedService($this) at some point in their implementation.

While not required, proxy-authenticated service handlers are encouraged to implement the CAS_ProxiedService_Testable interface to facilitate unit testing.

Exception implements Throwable
Extended by RuntimeException
Extended by CAS_AuthenticationException implements CAS_Exception
Package: PhpCAS
Category: Authentication
License: Apache License 2.0
Author: Joachim Fritschi
Class: CAS_AuthenticationException
Located at shared/cas/source/CAS/AuthenticationException.php
Methods summary
# __construct( CAS_Client $client, string $failure, string $cas_url, boolean $no_response, boolean $bad_response = '', string $cas_response = '', integer $err_code = '', string $err_msg = '' )

This method is used to print the HTML output when the user was not authenticated.

Methods inherited from Exception
__toString(), __wakeup(), getCode(), getFile(), getLine(), getMessage(), getPrevious(), getTrace(), getTraceAsString()
Properties inherited from Exception
$code, $file, $line, $message

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