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Class CAS_PGTStorage_File

The CAS_PGTStorage_File class is a class for PGT file storage. An instance of this class is returned by CAS_Client::SetPGTStorageFile().

Extended by CAS_PGTStorage_File
Package: PhpCAS
Category: Authentication
License: Apache License 2.0
Author: Pascal Aubry
Class: CAS_PGTStorage_File
Ingroup: internalPGTStorageFile
Located at shared/cas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/File.php
Methods summary
public the
# getPath( )

This method returns the name of the directory where PGT's should be stored on the filesystem.

public an
# getStorageType( )

This method returns an informational string giving the type of storage used by the object (used for debugging purposes).

public an
# getStorageInfo( )

This method returns an informational string giving informations on the parameters of the storage.(used for debugging purposes).

# __construct( CAS_Client $cas_parent, string $path )

The class constructor, called by CAS_Client::SetPGTStorageFile().

# init( )

This method is used to initialize the storage. Halts on error.

public a
# getPGTIouFilename( string $pgt_iou )

This method returns the filename corresponding to a PGT Iou.

# write( string $pgt, string $pgt_iou )

This method stores a PGT and its corresponding PGT Iou into a file. Echoes a warning on error.

public the
# read( string $pgt_iou )

This method reads a PGT corresponding to a PGT Iou and deletes the corresponding file.

Methods inherited from CAS_PGTStorage_AbstractStorage
getErrorMessage(), isInitialized(), setErrorMessage()
Properties summary
public $_path

a string telling where PGT's should be stored on the filesystem. Written by PGTStorageFile::PGTStorageFile(), read by getPath().

Properties inherited from CAS_PGTStorage_AbstractStorage
$_error_message, $_initialized

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