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Class CAS_ProxiedService_Imap

Provides access to a proxy-authenticated IMAP stream

CAS_ProxiedService_Abstract implements CAS_ProxiedService, CAS_ProxiedService_Testable
Extended by CAS_ProxiedService_Imap
Package: PhpCAS
Category: Authentication
License: Apache License 2.0
Author: Adam Franco
Class: CAS_ProxiedService_Imap
Located at shared/cas/source/CAS/ProxiedService/Imap.php
Methods summary
# __construct( string $username )


public string
# getServiceUrl( )

Answer a service identifier (URL) for whom we should fetch a proxy ticket.

# setServiceUrl( string $url )

Set the URL of the service to pass to CAS for proxy-ticket retrieval.

# setMailbox( string $mailbox )

Set the mailbox to open. See the $mailbox parameter of imap_open().

# setOptions( integer $options )

Set the options for opening the stream. See the $options parameter of imap_open().

public resource
# open( )

Open the IMAP stream (similar to imap_open()).

protected boolean
# hasBeenOpened( )

Answer true if our request has been sent yet.

public resource
# getStream( )

Answer the IMAP stream

public string
# getImapProxyTicket( )

CAS_Client::serviceMail() needs to return the proxy ticket for some reason, so this method provides access to it.

Methods inherited from CAS_ProxiedService_Abstract
getProxyTicket(), initializeProxyTicket(), setCasClient(), setProxyTicket()
Properties summary
private string $_username

The username to send via imap_open.

private string $_url

The target service url.

private string $_mailbox

The mailbox to open. See the $mailbox parameter of imap_open().

private integer $_options

A bit mask of options to pass to imap_open() as the $options parameter.

# null
private resource $_stream

The IMAP stream


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