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Class PHPMailerOAuth

PHPMailerOAuth - PHPMailer subclass adding OAuth support.

Extended by PHPMailerOAuth
Package: PHPMailer
Copyright: 2012 - 2014 Marcus Bointon
Copyright: 2010 - 2012 Jim Jagielski
Copyright: 2004 - 2009 Andy Prevost
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Author: @sherryl4george
Author: Marcus Bointon (@Synchro)
Located at shared/phpmailer/class.phpmaileroauth.php
Methods summary
public PHPMailerOAuthGoogle
# getOAUTHInstance( )

Get a PHPMailerOAuthGoogle instance to use.

public boolean
# smtpConnect( array $options = array() )

Initiate a connection to an SMTP server. Overrides the original smtpConnect method to add support for OAuth.

Methods inherited from PHPMailer
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Constants inherited from PHPMailer
Properties summary
public string $oauthUserEmail

The OAuth user's email address

# ''
public string $oauthRefreshToken

The OAuth refresh token

# ''
public string $oauthClientId

The OAuth client ID

# ''
public string $oauthClientSecret

The OAuth client secret

# ''
protected PHPMailerOAuthGoogle $oauth

An instance of the PHPMailerOAuthGoogle class.

# null
Properties inherited from PHPMailer
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