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Class POP3

PHPMailer POP-Before-SMTP Authentication Class. Specifically for PHPMailer to use for RFC1939 POP-before-SMTP authentication. Does not support APOP.

Package: PHPMailer
Copyright: 2012 - 2014 Marcus Bointon
Copyright: 2010 - 2012 Jim Jagielski
Copyright: 2004 - 2009 Andy Prevost
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Author: Richard Davey (original author)
Author: Marcus Bointon (Synchro/coolbru)
Author: Jim Jagielski (jimjag)
Author: Andy Prevost (codeworxtech)
Located at shared/phpmailer/class.pop3.php
Methods summary
public static boolean
# popBeforeSmtp( $host, integer|boolean $port = false, integer|boolean $timeout = false, string $username = '', string $password = '', integer $debug_level = 0 )

Simple static wrapper for all-in-one POP before SMTP

public boolean
# authorise( string $host, integer|boolean $port = false, integer|boolean $timeout = false, string $username = '', string $password = '', integer $debug_level = 0 )

Authenticate with a POP3 server. A connect, login, disconnect sequence appropriate for POP-before SMTP authorisation.

public boolean
# connect( string $host, integer|boolean $port = false, integer $tval = 30 )

Connect to a POP3 server.

public boolean
# login( string $username = '', string $password = '' )

Log in to the POP3 server. Does not support APOP (RFC 2828, 4949).

# disconnect( )

Disconnect from the POP3 server.

protected string
# getResponse( integer $size = 128 )

Get a response from the POP3 server. $size is the maximum number of bytes to retrieve

protected integer
# sendString( string $string )

Send raw data to the POP3 server.

protected boolean
# checkResponse( string $string )

Checks the POP3 server response. Looks for for +OK or -ERR.

# setError( $error )

Add an error to the internal error store. Also display debug output if it's enabled.

public array
# getErrors( )

Get an array of error messages, if any.

# catchWarning( integer $errno, string $errstr, string $errfile, integer $errline )

POP3 connection error handler.

Constants summary
string CRLF

Line break constant

# "\r\n"
Properties summary
public string $Version

The POP3 PHPMailer Version number.

# '5.2.23'
public integer $POP3_PORT

Default POP3 port number.

# 110
public integer $POP3_TIMEOUT

Default timeout in seconds.

# 30
public string $CRLF

POP3 Carriage Return + Line Feed.

# "\r\n"
public integer $do_debug

Debug display level. Options: 0 = no, 1+ = yes

# 0
public string $host

POP3 mail server hostname.

public integer $port

POP3 port number.

public integer $tval

POP3 Timeout Value in seconds.

public string $username

POP3 username

public string $password

POP3 password.

protected resource $pop_conn

Resource handle for the POP3 connection socket.

protected boolean $connected

Are we connected?

# false
protected array $errors

Error container.

# array()

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