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Package: com\tecnick\tcpdf
Author: Nicola Asuni -
Version: 1.0.15
Brief: This is a PHP class for parsing PDF documents..

TCPDF_PARSER This is a PHP class for parsing PDF documents.

Located at shared/tcpdf/tcpdf_parser.php
Methods summary
# __construct( $data, $cfg = array() )

Parse a PDF document an return an array of objects.

# setConfig( $cfg )

Set the configuration parameters.

public (array)
# getParsedData( )

Return an array of parsed PDF document objects.

protected Array
# getXrefData( $offset = 0, $xref = array() )

Get Cross-Reference (xref) table and trailer data from PDF document data.

protected Array
# decodeXref( $startxref, $xref = array() )

Decode the Cross-Reference section

protected Array
# decodeXrefStream( $startxref, $xref = array() )

Decode the Cross-Reference Stream section

protected array
# getRawObject( $offset = 0 )

Get object type, raw value and offset to next object

protected array
# getIndirectObject( $obj_ref, $offset = 0, $decoding = true )

Get content of indirect object.

protected array
# getObjectVal( $obj )

Get the content of object, resolving indect object reference if necessary.

protected array
# decodeStream( $sdic, $stream )

Decode the specified stream.

# Error( $msg )

Throw an exception or print an error message and die if the K_TCPDF_PARSER_THROW_EXCEPTION_ERROR constant is set to true.

Properties summary
private string $pdfdata

Raw content of the PDF document.

# ''
protected array $xref

XREF data.

# array()
protected array $objects

Array of PDF objects.

# array()
private $FilterDecoders

Class object for decoding filters.

private array $cfg

Array of configuration parameters.

# array( 'die_for_errors' => false, 'ignore_filter_decoding_errors' => true, 'ignore_missing_filter_decoders' => true, )

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