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Function F_utf8_normalizer

Normalize the UTF-8 input string. Modes greater than 0 requires php5-intl module. Please edit this function to implement your custom normalization method.

Package: com\tecnick\tcexam\shared
Author: Nicola Asuni
Located at shared/code/tce_functions_general.php
Parameters summary
$str UTF-8 string to normalize.
$mode = 'NONE' Normalization type: NONE=None; C=Normalization Form C (NFC) - Canonical Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition; D=Normalization Form D (NFD) - Canonical Decomposition; KC=Normalization Form KC (NFKC) - Compatibility Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition; KD=Normalization Form KD (NFKD) - Compatibility Decomposition; CUSTOM=Custom normalization using user defined function 'user_utf8_custom_normalizer'.
Return value summary
normalized string using the specified algorithm.

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