Relationship list

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Relationship name Relationship type Parent entity Child entity Card.
rel_answer_logs Identifying tce_answers tce_tests_logs_answers 1:N
rel_group_test Identifying tce_user_groups tce_testgroups 1:N
rel_group_user Identifying tce_user_groups tce_usrgroups 1:N
rel_module_author Non-identifying tce_users tce_modules 1:N
rel_module_subjects Non-identifying tce_modules tce_subjects 1:N
rel_question_answers Non-identifying tce_questions tce_answers 1:N
rel_question_logs Non-identifying tce_questions tce_tests_logs 1:N
rel_set_subjects Identifying tce_test_subject_set tce_test_subjects 1:N
rel_subject_author Non-identifying tce_users tce_subjects 1:N
rel_subject_questions Non-identifying tce_subjects tce_questions 1:N
rel_subject_set Identifying tce_subjects tce_test_subjects 1:N
rel_test_author Non-identifying tce_users tce_tests 1:N
rel_test_group Identifying tce_tests tce_testgroups 1:N
rel_test_subjset Non-identifying tce_tests tce_test_subject_set 1:N
rel_test_users Non-identifying tce_tests tce_tests_users 1:N
rel_testlog_answers Identifying tce_tests_logs tce_tests_logs_answers 1:N
rel_testuser_logs Non-identifying tce_tests_users tce_tests_logs 1:N
rel_user_group Identifying tce_users tce_usrgroups 1:N
rel_user_tests Non-identifying tce_users tce_tests_users 1:N
session_data Informative tce_users tce_sessions 1:N

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