Information about TCExam licensing

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The TCExam is distributed with a dual license scheme, so it is available either as Open Source Software or with a Commercial License by usage case.

The commercial license allows you to use your own logo on the public interface (the client logo), make changes that will be not publicly released and integrate TCExam with a commercial service. Anyway, the existing copyright notices and links to TCExam and Websites must be kept intact and visible (at the bottom of the pages). TCExam application cannot be rebranded.

The TCExam commercial license price is one-off (you pay only once and the license remain valid forever for the version you purchased) and is calculated on the number of maximum executed tests per year. In this context the term "test" means a single test executed by a single user. For example, 1000 tests/year may indicate 1000 users that executes only 1 test in one year or 500 users that executes 2 tests in one year, or 100 users that executes 10 tests in one year.

To place an order or for custom quote, contact us indicating your company data, including VAT ID if you are in the European Union.

If the required number of tests/years grows, then you can always buy an upgrading license.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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