Notes About Security

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  • The Public Area and the Administration Area of TCExam are physically separated on filesystem. This allows to add other access restrictions based on filesystem and WebServer.
  • To access the various TCExam resources you need a valid account (user/password) and a level equal or greater than the requested resource level. The level of test takers and Public areas is 1 by default. TCExam also supports RADIUS, LDAP and CAS authentication.
  • Test takers may access to a particular test only if they belongs to a group enabled for that test.
  • Test takers may access to a particular test only if their IP address is enabled for that test.
  • Test takers may execute a particular test only one time (unless authorized by administrator).
  • TCExam may generate unique test for each user by randomly selecting and ordering questions and alternative answers. This drastically reduces or eliminates the risk of copying between test takers.
  • The test time is kept by the server. At the end of the available time the test is automatically closed.
  • The full activity of the test taker is logged on the server, including statistical data (i.e. reaction time) and security data (i.e. IP address).
  • Another security feature is offered by the fact that TCExam is a Open Source Software, because it is widely known that security by obscurity is not a secure practice in the long run.
  • If you use TCExam in a controlled environment (i.e. computer room) you can also add all traditional security features like keyloggers, videocameras and so on.

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